According to the Wholesale and Distribution study from the Aberdeen Group, the top 35 percent of wholesalers are achieving the following benefits from using an ERP Solution:

- Operating costs: 17 percent reduction
- Inventory accuracy: 96 percent
- Completed and on-time shipments: 95 percent
- Cycle time reduction: 22 percent

The study also points to several key strategies that are important to successful growth. They are:

  • Continuously improving: Catching up with the competition is a must if you want to be successful; whether it involves optimizing business operations or modifying your ERP solution, constant improvement is significant.
  • Providing automatic notifications: When you enable your decision-makers to get notified instantly if any change or issue should occur, you encourage them to be more productive and more proactive. Being able to act right away is game-changing.
  • Forecasting demand: When it comes to wholesale distribution, the ability of forecasting and planning future demand is vital. An inaccurate forecast can lead to increased costs and a lot of missed opportunities.

The CBOS ERP system is an all-in-one business process solution designed specifically for wholesalers, light manufacturers and field services companies. The rest of this article will touch on a few of the ways that CBOS can help your company compete in line with the results and the strategy recommendations made by Aberdeen as they specifically relate to your business operations.

Visibility to Control Inventory and Costs
Inefficient inventory can lead to increasing inventory costs up to 25%. This is driven by inventory write-offs and increased warehouse labor. An ERP solution will provide each user in the system, across every function, access to real-time inventory information that's automatically updated. This means you can stop managing Excel spreadsheets, which lead to errors and delayed information. With an ERP system, everyone is connected and everyone has access to all vital information required to do their job with seamless communication. For example, sales managers no longer need to call the warehouse to determine what's available for selling. They can place the right order, at the right time and communicate accurately with the customer the first time.

Reducing backorders is yet another benefit ERP provides. Smart replenishment tools in your ERP application can help you keep enough inventory in the warehouse to prevent backorders without ordering too much.

Reporting and Business Intelligence
Ninety-six percent of top performing businesses claim ad-hoc reporting improves business performance. An ERP solution makes custom reports easy. Create reports at all levels of your company to provide accurate insight. The dashboards are highly customizable, giving real-time information of specific functions. You will be able to see all the vital information in an easy-to-view manner so you can easily track KPIs and recognize potential weak spots and problem areas before they become real issues.

Last, but not least, easily tailored reporting significantly improves strategic decision-making.

Automated Business Processes
CBOS customers have reported a 35% increase in productivity. A great deal of those gains are made with automated business processes. Here is one example. As sales are made in the field, the orders are sent to finance for invoicing, and, if approved, are immediately pushed to the warehouse for picking and shipment. As inventory leaves the warehouse the system creates all purchase orders automatically based on defined replenishment inventory levels. You can also set replenishment levels based on historical sales trends and quickly spot underperforming products. You can also reduce time spent at the warehouse by using smart picks and put away lists for efficient movement throughout the warehouse.

Modern Integrated ERP Solutions
Data disconnects across the enterprise cause 20 percent of revenue loss among online resellers. Most often the loss is a result of not sharing inventory information. You can capture that lost revenue by integrating our ERP solution with various channel partner and online sales platforms. Like other types of automation, with these synced inventory levels, orders automatically flow into the warehouse and to your replenishment team, so shipping and procurement are on top of their functions and jobs to be done as soon as possible.

You can also integrate your ERP solution with shipping partners to sync the tracking numbers and easily print labels.

Finally, integrated and embedded payment solutions from online payment portals make it easy for you to receive payments from your customers.

Mobility and Scalability
The cloud provides true mobility and scalability. In today’s business world, where an increasingly mobile workforce is becoming a standard way of doing business, remaining competitive requires your team in the field to have access to all information needed to service the customer. The cloud allows mobile workers to access accurate data and information to reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction.

Our ERP system is also designed to scale with the company as it grows. With CBOS you won't have need to purchase additional servers or add extra storage space to your subscription. As you add locations or open additional sales channels you can also quickly expand with incremental subscription costs. As the company grows and develops, management will have clear visibility into each location with a rolled-up view of the entire enterprise.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs Means Lower Operational Costs
The purchase, installation and maintenance of an on-premise solution will result in on-site server costs of thousands of dollars and require support. Using a cloud ERP solution means bypassing all the capital expense, maintenance and support costs required for an on-premise solution.

You will also be more secure without those internal costs. CBOS deploys with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The advanced security and redundancy offered means you don’t need to worry about security costs.

When compared to an on-premise solution, a cloud ERP solution like CBOS will result in a total cost savings of 20 percent over a period of five years. Also, when compared to an on-premise solution, you don’t ever need to worry about long term costs of upgrading your hardware or software, which typically occurs between years 4 and 6.

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