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ERP for Field Services

ERP for Field Services

Empower Your Field Workers! FieldAware for CentralBOS creates a system of record that unifies both the back office and field workers - with a focus on simplicity, ease of use and flexibility. The integration between FieldAware and CentralBOS was written by CentralBOS, for CentralBOS customers, providing stability, short implementation cycles, and a modular framework that can grow with your business.

If you have teams performing service, preventative maintenance or repair jobs, then running an efficient, connected business is core to your success and bottom line. Extend your CentralBOS implementation to include field service management.

Benefits of Field Services Integration

Mobile Access

Extend the power of CentralBOS’ all-in-one cloud-based ERP system to staff in the field.

Eliminate Errors

Decrease days-sales-outstanding by eliminating manual and dual entry of data.

Complete Visibility

Create a unified system of record for front office, back office and field workers.

Designed for Growth

Both systems reside in the cloud, making it easy to grow and add modules as needed.

Sync Documents

Input documents, forms, photos, and signatures from the field as quickly as they are collected.

Fast Implementation

The FieldAware module quickly plugs in to the CBOS platform for a short implementation cycle.

Accurate, Easy Data Sharing

Sales orders generated in CentralBOS can be passed into FieldAware’s Scheduler with just a few clicks. Dispatchers can then assign the right resource at the right time to complete the job quickly and accurately. Data collected in FieldAware will pass directly into CentralBOS to be used by your finance team, inventory managers, and sales personnel, resulting in faster and more informed business decisions.

Real-Time Collaboration

CentralBOS provides complete visibility of your organization in one place, giving your back-office teams access to information about work orders, customer and asset history – all from a simple to use web interface.

The FieldAware Scheduler provides an easy way to schedule future work or see who is available when urgent jobs come in. Customizable views allow companies to understand closed and open jobs and calculate the revenue generated. This means that invoices are paid more quickly and field workers are able to complete more jobs - every day.

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