At CentralBOS, cloud security is priority number one. Built on the AWS cloud platform, CBOS users have a data center infrastructure with the strongest safeguards in place to protect customer privacy. The highly secure AWS data centers manages most, if not all, compliance programs which means your compliance is already completed.

CBOS provides customers with more controls and increased privacy. No matter the size of your business, the CBOS infrastructure keeps your data safe, meets compliance requirements, scales quickly and saves money. Your business can now maintain the highest level of security without the need to manage your own facility.

There are many security capabilities and features built into the CBOS cloud ERP platform. These include:

  • Scalable and High availability architecture with redundancy at web server and app server level
  • Daily backups and log backups every 15 min on different AWS availability zone
  • Ability to clone app server and scale using AWS services
  • Data encrypted during transmission
  • Best ssl certificate in industry with daily malware scans
  • Sensitive data encrypted at rest – AES 128 bit
  • Periodic Automated application scans
  • Third party Application penetration testing using leading reputed third party security experts (Optiv)

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