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The CBOS Cloud-based Order Management and Point of Sale (POS) platform is a functionally rich solution that creates a continuous workflow.

Manage Point of Sale in the Cloud

Every transaction is like tossing a stone into a lake. From the point of sale until payment is recorded, the order moves through multiple gateways. Each one is an opportunity to speed up or derail an invoice, vendor agreement, or customer relationship. Success – and peace of mind – requires a fully connected, end-to-end way to track and manage sales, vendors, inventory, and purchase orders.

Whether the point of order entry is in store, over the phone, or via an e-commerce transaction, order fulfillment is simplified and expedited. Because orders and inventory are tied, each single entry flows through a fully connected system. Warehouse and back office teams work from the same real-time information to improve the speed and accuracy of sales, replenishment and invoicing.

Are you ready for BOPUS?

Today, more and more customers want to Buy Online and Pick Up In Store(BOPUS). Most customers do this in order to save on shipping cost and others want to inspect an item before making a commitment. With CBOS every transaction is connected throughout the organization regardless of where the original order is taken and has built-in work flows to adapt to today's new buying habits.

CBOS Order Management Features

  • Automated bill pay, invoicing, check run, and customer payments processes

  • Confirm received inventory with count checks against purchase orders

  • Flexible settings for performing each transaction based on specific user preferences and business scenarios

  • Integrate POS and back office functions within sales, invoicing, accounting, and reporting operations

  • Manage purchasing processes from Purchase Order to Bill Pay

  • Manage sales orders that include stocked and non-stocked items

  • Manage sales processes from sales quote to cash in hand

  • Multiple customer and vendor locations simplify customer shipping processes

  • Replenishment guidelines and auto‐draft purchase orders set within one system

  • Robust carrier for easy packaging and shipping from one central system

  • Shipping automation identifies what is ready for shipment according to pre-set rules

  • Simple drop shipping

  • Streamline the quote to cash process

  • Completely integrated into the CBOS cloud ERP system

The CBOS point-of-sale platform is the single best way to unite the sales, fulfillment, and finance processes. And by reducing all potential complications with ordering, fulfillment, and invoicing, you can reduce the number of back orders and other issues that can damage your relationships and bottom line.

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