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Customer Management Software
Customer Management Software

Cloud Customer Management

Make informed business decisions with the CBOS cloud based CRM solution with forecast tools, pipeline management, customized reports, role based access and more.

Manage Clients in the Cloud

Whether you operate a small business or an enterprise organization, a quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is undoubtedly the most reliable way to empower your sales team. It can standardize processes that have impeded customer relationships in the past.

It can use technology to enable human-driven (not automated) interactions with prospects and customers. It can build databases of useful business intelligence. In short, CRM can help you grow a world-class business.

Real-Time Customer Data Available from Any Department

In large part thanks to the advancement of SaaS resources, there’s been a dramatic increase in the potential of CRM tools for improving and sustaining sales pipelines. What keeps companies – particularly smaller companies – from engaging this incredible resource is its inherent complexity. CRM technology has lots of moving parts.

We erase the challenges of CRM solutions by streamlining every activity in the sales cycle, from the first touch to close in a unified, fully connected platform. Within the CBOS CRM platform, prospects are organized as they flow through the sales pipeline. Every touch point generates data that is fed into a centralized database your team can filter and access from any Internet-connected device. Your team gets real-time intelligence and sales resources that can accelerate profitable business decisions, sales, invoicing and reporting.

CBOS Customer Management Features

  • Automate shipments directly from sales orders

  • Full integration with sales, inventory, orders, accounting, and payroll functions

  • Manage sales rep tasks with a “day at a glance” calendar and task offerings

  • Lead import, management and follow-up tracking

  • Seamless application commission runs are simple for sales force

  • Customize sales, pipeline, and invoicing dashboards and reports

  • Case management providing automation process to external and internal support activities

  • Project management with phases, time tracked tasks, coupled with integrated collaboration

  • Document and file management

  • Field-level security and role-based access

  • Completely integrated into the CBOS cloud ERP system

This is much more than an average CRM system. We created this solution in the cloud with the specific goal of helping your organization understand and take advantage of every sales opportunity, when and where they happen.

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