According to research by Aberdeen wholesalers, light manufacturers and field services companies experiencing rapid growth have the following top challenges to compete successfully:

- Lack of inventory accuracy
- Incomplete or delayed shipments
- The need for cycle time reduction
- Ability to accurately forecast and make smart business decisions on real time data.

The rest of this short checklist article will look at the root causes of these and then summarize how specific features of a Cloud ERP solution can help you address them.

Primary Causes of Challenges to Growth

  • A lot of organizations are using disparate data systems. This causes problems with collection and flow of data between business units. When different business units are using disparate systems, it is impossible for the entire enterprise to have an accurate view of inventory levels.
  • Poor inventory control is often a direct result of this lack of visibility. This impacts the profitability of every business unit and the entire company. This becomes magnified as the company scales.
  • A variety of e-commerce and sales platforms often have difficulty communicating with the back-office departments. This leads to duplication of efforts.
  • Generating reports and actionable business intelligence is difficult and time-consuming since it has to be done manually. These reports are crucial for smart and strategic decision-making.
  • Manual processes are slow, and over time, degrade from best practices.
  • Growth now requires a mobile workforce. Without the ability to access and share data in real time when off premise or between multiple locations, it is hard to service customers at a competitive level.
  • Legacy on premise solutions are expensive to maintain, difficult to scale and costly to update.

ERP Features, Tools, and Tactics That Remove Barriers for Growth
✔ Cloud-based ERP solutions aggregate all of your data across every business unit and process.

✔ Cloud ERP solutions help to frame and sustain best practice process workflows.

✔ Cloud ERP solutions provide real-time information that can be used to make business decisions. Information such as current inventory status, the status of payments and accounts receivables, or future orders can be accessed with a single click.

✔ Accurate and timely inventory control can save a wholesaler a lot of money on inventory cost. Implementing automated inventory replenishment and control also keeps customers happy. Real-time inventory is available at all registered users’ fingertips. Accurate inventory information keeps inventory costs to a minimum.

✔ It is easy to integrate and streamline e-commerce and sales platforms, online marketplaces and payment portals with the back-office departments. Accurate inventory is presented on your e-commerce site at all times so orders are valid and can be quickly prepared and shipped. Inventory control integrated with the sales platforms and payment processors can save both time and money.

✔ One integrated report makes it simple to track KPIs and to create relevant reports for every business unit. These reports are based on real time information making it possible to get in front of issues before they escalate.

✔ One integrated database makes it easy to provide powerful business intelligence tools to improve decision making for executives. Dashboards make it easier to discover where companies can focus to improve processes to make a company more efficient and profitable.

✔ Automated business processes and workflows reduce the time needed to complete specific tasks. This saves time and improves customer satisfaction. Orders flow seamlessly from sales to shipping and accounts receivable; all of it based on established rules and workflows.

✔ A simple browser-based platform enables easy access to the system for all employees, regardless whether they are in the field, a retail location or the back office.

✔ No data limits will restrict the number of users, the order volume, or organization size. Also, the ability to scale is unlimited since there are no additional infrastructure costs or data caps.

✔ Cloud ERP systems are more secure than on premise solutions or stacking multiple applications.

If you are looking to seamlessly integrate inventory management, finances, CRM, and order fulfillment with your HR and Payroll, CentralBOS, an all-in-one cloud-based ERP platform, may be a great choice for your organization. We specialize in delivering powerful tools that are custom-made for wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.

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