FieldAware, the leader in made-for-mobile, cloud-based field service automation solutions, today announced their software integration with CentralBOS, a leading cloud-based ERP provider.

Every company with a field service operation knows that with teams performing service, preventative maintenance or repair jobs, running an efficient, connected business is core to their success and bottom line. A day’s plan can change in an instant as jobs overrun or emergency work comes in so access to real-time information on what is actually happening, at any time, is essential.

With the partnership of FieldAware and CentralBOS the back office and field workers are connected at all times to allow companies to better manage their service operation. FieldAware for CentralBOS means an integrated ERP and field service solution, giving businesses complete, real-time visibility of all resource, customer, order and inventory details, synching information as quickly as it is collected.

“CentralBOS is an integrated, mobile SaaS solution born in the cloud and designed specifically for the business needs of SMB organizations,” said Joseph Meyer, CEO of CentralBOS. “This partnership of CentralBOS and FieldAware means that all service resources are optimized, helping to manage costs, risks and improve efficiencies for all of our customers. We have a strong focus on simplicity, ease of use and flexibility, so FieldAware for CentralBOS can be implemented quickly and has a modular framework which supports changing business needs.”

“We are delighted to announce our integration with CentralBOS, so businesses can easily combine the power of their ERP and field service solutions to better service their customers,” said Steve Wellen, CEO of FieldAware. “FieldAware was built to integrate, allowing businesses to take advantage of best-of-breed field service that works seamlessly with their current back office solution right from the start. This integration means companies can plan, manage and execute their operations more efficiently, boosting their productivity and maximizing their existing software investment.”

FieldAware for CentralBOS is available immediately for all CentralBOS customers. Learn more about erp integration with field services.